Pure Vegetarian diet for Bulking

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Having a Protein-rich diet plan is key for any fitness goal.  But there’s a wide spread mentality that you can’t fulfill your protein goals via vegetarian diet for that you need to rely on non-vegetarian sources. But that’s not the case. Vegetarianism is becoming more mainstream around the world. It is possible to build muscles and gain weight by following a healthy vegetarian diet. In this regard, the best example is One of the top Martial artist in the world & Bollywood celebrity Vidyut Jammwal.

Vidyut Jamwal swore an oath, said - 'I will never use a body double' - The Post Reader

It’s going to be  a 3000 calories pure vegetarian bulking diet plan with five meals.

In this diet, we are going to target a protein intake of around 170 gm. There’s going to be a immensly simple and easy-to-cook 5 meals.

So Let’s start our first meal of the day.

    1. Breakfast (Oatmeal) (7-8 am)For a breakfast, we are going to have,

7 Scientific Health Benefits of Oatmeal | Everyday Health

Rolled  oats- 50gms

Milk- 250 ml

Natural Peanut Butter-2 Tablespoon

Banana- 1 medium size (100gm)

Mix the above ingredients in the juicer till the mixture becomes homogeneous and here your perfectly made fresh oatmeal shake is ready. You can also add a pinch of cinnamon powder in the shake as it helps to regulate blood pressure levels but it is completely optional.

Instead of banana you can add any other fruit of your choice also

So it was our first meal, easy to prepare, nothing difficult. Anything can prepare it.

The nutritional content of these meals are:

Protein- 24 gm

Carbohydrate- 75 gm

Fats-28 gm

Fiber- 10 gm

Calories- 637

2. Morning Snack( Moong dal chilla) (10-11 am)

Moong Dal Spinach Cheela Recipe

As a morning snack we are going to have a moong dal chilla a typical Indian Dish. So let me first what are the ingredients we need for the recepie

Moong (raw)- 100 gm(Overnight soaked)

Ginger Garlic paste- 1 Tablespoon

Geen chillies- 2 to 3

Cumin seeds ( Jeera)- 1 Tablespoon

Grind all the ingredients in the mixer And make proper paste out of it and you can easily make it like a pancakes. Have  it with a tomato ketchup in the dish and if you like it more with green chutney then you can addd green chutney also its completely as per your choice.

While preparation of this dish keep in mind not to use oil more than 2 tablespoon otherwise it will increase your caloric intake.

Nutritional breakdown of this meal is

Protein- 48 gm

Carbohydrate- 39 gm

Fats- 77 gm

Fiber- 4 gm

Calories- 409

3. Lunch (Matar Paneer) (1-2 pm)

Plated matar paneer

Third meal of the day is going to be our Lunch and in the lunch we are going to have Matar Paneer with Chapati . I have made a very much simple recepie of matar paneer , so lets see the recepie first.

Ingredients required:

200gm of low fat paneer (cubes)

50gm matar

2 tablespoon oil

1 finely chopped medium sized onion

Puree of 2 medium sized tomato

1 tablespoon of ginger garlic paste

½ teaspoon of turmeric

Heat oil in a pan and add chopped onion in it

Stir fry it and after that add ginger garlic paste in it

Once the mixture becomes slightly golden brown in color, add tomato puree in it.

Now add turmeric and salt according to taste and ½ cup of water

Mix it properly and cover the lid and let it cook on medium flame for five minutes or till the oil separates out

Now finally add paneer and matar in the pan

Mix it thoroughly , while mixing keep in mind that paneer cubes shouldn’t break and again cover the lid & let it cook for another 5 minutes on low flame

Our matar Paneer is ready, have it with 3 medium sized chapattis and your lunch is done

This meal is going to fulfill

Protein- 33 gm

Carbohydrate- 100 gm

Fats- 6 gm

Fiber- 8 gm

Calories- 988

In this recepie we have used low fat paneer instead of regular one. You can use regular paneer also but there again it will be slightly higher in calories.

4. Evening Snack (4-5 pm)


Here I have kept our evening snack very very much simple. In this meal we are not going to make any type of cooking.

So here we are going to take one medium size apple and with this almonds walnuts & cashews 10 gms each.

With this you can take 1 scoop of whey protein with 250 ml of toned milk, same which we have taken in the first meal.

So its gonna be our quick and yet very much healthy meal.

If you don’t wish touse whey protein then you can skip it also. In result your protein quantity will decrease a bit to 150 gm. But its still enough for most of us.

With the consideration of whey protein micronutrients of this meals are:

Protein- 40 gm

Carbohydrate- 46 gm

Fats- 32 gm

Fiber- 7 gm

Calories- 605

5. Dinner (Soya Chilli Rice) (8-9 pm)

सोयाबीन चिली फ्राइड राइस| Soyabean chilli fried rice recipe | Soya fried rice recipe in hindi - YouTube

In Dinner we are going to have a soya chilli rice, lets look for the recepie,

Ingredients we are going to need are,

Soya chunks (raw) : 50 gm

300gm of cooked rice

1 tablespoon oil

1tablespoon ginger garlic paste

Soak soya chunks in water for 15 minutes, here keep in mind 50 gm of soya chunks is a raw weight.

Heat oil in a pan & add ginger garlic paste in it

Stir fry the mixture& add 1cup of chopped capcicum

Now remove the water absorbed by the soya chunks by squeezing them & add them into the pan

Add red chilli sauce, soya sauce & salt acoording to the taste

Mix it & let it cook on a low flame by covering the lead of a pan till capcicum beomes soft.

Now add rice in it & mix it properly

Allow it to cook for 2 minutes on a low flame

Switch off the gas & garnish it with the finely chopped coriander

And your tasty & healthy soya chilli rice is ready for our tastebuds

Protein- 24 gm

Carbohydrate- 18 gm

Fats- 5 gm

Fiber- 16 gm

Calories- 596

Total nutrition  Breakdown for the day is

Protein- 170 gm

Carbohydrate- 278 gm

Fats- 148 gm

Fiber- 45 gm


So this was our complete vegetarian Bulking diet plan.

Stay Tuned with us for more such health and fitness related content.

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