About Me

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Hi, It’s Shubham. I am a certified fitness nutrition specialist and trainer. I started blogging to shared my learnings which I gained throughout my fitness journey right from the day when I first stepped into the gym.

Everybody is different, there can’t be a single plan of either workout or diet that will fit everyone. And there can’t be hard and fast rules that are meant for every person.

My ultimate aim is to break those stereotypes of rules and rumours made by your fitness centers and trainers for their business profits and make fitness a fun-loving journey and not just a session of an hour but to make it your lifestyle.


FITNESS Absowl provides different workout plans, doesn’t matter at which level of fitness      journey you are

NUTRITION Free meal plans, recipes. Everything which you will need in terms of diet.


Reinforce lives by making fitness a journey, not a destination.   


You might be here because you are obese or overweight and tired of being bullied. You might have already started running and eating a bland diet, but you are not seeing any results!

You might be here because your health parameters are in a danger zone and you wish to rectify the scene before it gets to let.

Or maybe you are here because when you look into the mirror you just wish to see the better version of yourself.

For whatever reason you have visited here and given your precious time, we assure you that you won’t regret it.

From this moment, you are taking your step in the world of fitness and going to learn how some small changes did consciously in your lifestyle will lead you to the pursuit of fulfillment.

Absowl is just not about Building muscle or just cutting the fat and showing your abs and muscles. It is more of your inner well being than the outside one. Being fit does not only represent your physical health but it is about your emotional and mental well being also.

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