6 Must Food Sources for Bulking

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Are you one of those who gets difficulty in gaining size. You will get to know about very much important food sources which you can’t avoid when you are on your bulking diet plan.

First of all you need to understand when its about bulking, size gain or weight gain, you need to create caloric surplus in your diet that is you need to consume more than what your body actually needs and with that you need to incorporate very effective high intensity workout training so that your muscles can break and after repairing themselves they can grow bigger. That’s the only way you can gain muscle mass.

But still there are some food which helps you to bulk fast, its not like that you can eat any food in surplus and hope to gain muscle. No doubt since you are in surplus you will gain weight but it will be majorly  a fat not muscle mass. If you go by that way by eating anything you want there you will get difficulty when you shift to cutting from bulking because you will need to shred those unnecessary fat mass which you didn’t plan. So here we are going to see what kind of foods you should consume while bulking.

  1. Eggs

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When we talk about one needs to keep all the three micro nutrients (Carbohydrates, protein, fats) in mind, its not like that you are on bulking so focus must be on carbohydrates since they are the main fuel  for your body, protein and fats are equally important.

This smart little food consist of very high quality fats and proteins. Amino acid profile of eggs is of a very high quality and in the right ratio. Even egg protein is comes under the category of complete protein that is it contains all the essential amino acids.

It even contains good saturated fats. Now here some people can argue how the saturated fats becomes good since we have heard from so many fitness experts that saturated fats are bad for your health then look your body also needs saturated fats in addition with the unsaturated ones just the key is its ratio is minimum as compared with the mono and poly unsaturated fats.

But the importance of both is equal hence its food sources like eggs, clarified butter (ghee) are advised to consider in your diet. Eggs are also the good source of healthy cholesterol even called as HDL. These healthy cholesterol, good cholesterol  helps in reducing bad cholesterol which are the major cause of artery problems like blood clotting, heart problems.

So eggs are giving you both fats and protein. If to talk about calories then one egg contains 60-70 calories, 5-6 gm of protein in one whole egg and 2-3 gm in egg whites only.

2. Sweet Potato

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Now it was all about our protein intake, now at second place there comes a carbohydrate food source. Carbohydrates are very much important while bulking while muscle building, it gives you energy they are like fuel for your body.

If you don’t  get enough energy then when you hit the gym you wont be able to lift heavy, you will fail to have high intensity in your workout and in the result your muscle will not tear it wont fatigue then there will be no meaning of training. If your failing to break your muscle which is one of the key element of muscle building then there will be not much significance of having those muscle building foods.

So you need energy to train well, and to get that energy you need to load yourself with the carbohydrates.So one of the good source of carbohydrates is sweet potato.

One of the quality worth emphasizing of sweet potato is they are low GI (Glycemic Index) food. If you have a sweet tooth then sweet potatoes also serves the purpose since they are little bit sweet in taste.

You can boil it, stir fry it, some people even prefer to bake it also but by making its GI index increased a little bit but that’s fine it is within the considerable limits.

3. Oats

It is a complex carbohydrate just like a sweet potato. Being complex it is fiber reached, it is also a low GI food and it also rich in vitamins and minerals. Oats is very filling food that is if you have it in a breakfast then it will be a a heavy one without giving you to many calories. During Bulking oats is a must must food in your diet.

When you consume oats you get good amount of fiber which helps in keeping your digestion your intestinal track at point. During bulking when you consume that much calories then it is important to have a good digestion. If its not on track then your body wont be able to absorb nutrients from food and ultimately your fitness goals will hamper. So it is important to have good amount of fibers in your diet.

4. Rice

Basic white rice in a bowl

During bulking we are talking about white rice the reason behind it is white rice is not filling food as opposite with the brown rice, so you can consume white rice in a larger amount. Another benefit of having white rice is that absorbs and get digested fast as compared with the brown rice.

5. Nuts

you can have any nuts say peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts and so on…In nuts you get both poly and mono unsaturated fats which comes under the category of healthy fats. With this you get all the minerals which you need on a daily basis.

Very mush important thing about nuts is that they give you magnesium which helps in your recovery, it helps to relax your brain to calm down it and so have better and deep sleep.

Nuts gives you zinc, selenium, phosphorous. The synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is a high energy molecule and the key to energy transfer, depends on phosphorus. Zinc is essential for healthy cell division and metabolism, It aids in the recovery of tissues after exercise.

So it is very much important to add muscles in your diet specifically when you or on your bulking where you do high intensity workout, push yourself to the maximum limits. In such case nuts are must.

6. Milk and Paneer

Final on the list is milk and paneer which is itself the byproduct of milk. For vegeterians milk is a good source of protein and fats also. And you can have it in many forms, like you can have it in oatmeal. there are lot of dishes which can be made from paneer like paneer bhurji, palak panner.

If to talk about minerals then milk and its byproducts ara good source of calcium which is very  important for strong bones. Calcium is also necessary for the function of your heart, muscles, and nerves.

There are also other foods which can benefit you, if to talk about protein source then there is chicken also for non vegeterians and soya bean for vegeterians. So there are lot of food sources but this were the top six picks which you can use for bulking.

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