5 Common Mistakes for Muscle Building.

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Hey are you one of those who hits the gym regularly left heavyweights but still fail to see the desired results, everyone here wish that his/her muscles should grow, they must get the expected results but still you fails to get it as a result you are always confused what’s getting wrong why you are not growing. So here we are going to see 6 mistakes you must be doing.

  1. Progressive Overloading

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You fails to give progressive overload first let’s see what does progressive overload means. In the true sense it means to put your muscles under stress until and unless you don’t put your muscles under stress during training and fails to increase it gradually with time till then your muscles won’t grow.

Our body muscles are very much stubborn in nature if you are lifting the same weight for same repetations for long period of time then your muscles will never grow in life you will have to increase the amount of weight slowly so that your body will feel challenged, when you are body gets challenge it gets difficult for it to lift the increased weight and in the result muscle fibre breaks and now when it break in the gym it grows when you feed it with proper nutrition and rest so why the muscle is growing it is growing because it is preparing itself to lift that increase amount of weight without any difficulty and that’s what is called as attaining progressive overload.

Body adopts the difficulties so progressive overloading is very important way if you want to grow your muscles and efficient way of doing it is to keep in mind that whatever the amount of weight you are going to lift in the gym lift it more effectively and efficiently.

That is if you are lifting 10 kg in the past 1-2 weeks then this week try to lift 12.5 kg without compromising with the form so this is how you do progressive overloading.

And very much important thing about progressive overloading is that it is done In weeks or even in months in some cases. Don’t try to do it in a one day, you will able to see changes in your body in the months only. It is not a one night game.

One way of doing progressive overload is by increasing weight and another way is by playing with the repetition, for example if you can do 10 repetations of a particular weight then next time try to hit 12 reps of the same weight.

Another way is by tweaking the rest period you take in between the sets.

If your rest period is 2 minute then next time minimise it for 1.5 minute.

In that way also training stress increases which ultimately helps your body to grow the muscles.

2. Lack of Consistency

Consistency is most important thing when it’s about muscle building.

If with progressive overloading you are not consistent, you are training for 2 months and taking the gap of 3 month then you won’t grow.

You will bounce back at the same stage from where you started it.

So consistency is very much important, you will have to hit your muscles consistently by providing gradual progressive overloading.

If you are training for 6 days a week and then suddenly comes at 3 days a week and shuffle like that then that to also inconsistent.

If you are training for 5 days a week then do it for 5 days if its for 6 days then be consistent for 6 if its possible for 4 days only for you then do it for 4 at least but you will have to follow it for a considerably long time to see the actual result.

If you are not consistent you don’t have discipline then you won’t see the Desire result.

A great athelete becomes great only when he practice for years.

3. Calorie intake

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Here understand a very basic concept of muscle building when its about gaining muscle mass then you will have to be in calorie surplus.

It means you will have to eat more healthy meals than what you burn throughout the day and until then your body won’t add new Muscle tissues.

Let me tell it very much simply, when you are internal body functions, its breathing, your heart is beating, brain, lungs everything is working. In addition you are doing physical activities also.

for all this things to carry out your body burn calories and if you are not eating more calories than what you are burning then how your muscles will grow.

When you provide more calories then you can lift more since your body is getting energy from carbohydrates and protein helps to build muscle. Your muscle is nothing  but the stored protein.

when you break your muscle during training and then you take proper diet then that broken muscle fiber gets repair and grow cause it’s getting enough amount of calories that’s why you are calorie intake must be on place.

4. No variation in foods

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Now you have understood why it’s mandatory to be  in calorie surplus. Now you are doing everything but you are having the same 2-3 varieties of food daily then what you have to do is have different kind of food in your diet which can fullfil your macronutrients demands as well.

Now your protein, fat, carb intake is proper then that’s good but for micro nutrients like vitamins minerals you will have to encorporate variety of food sources in your diet.

Add Rice, dal, pulses, vegetables, fruits, daily products, meat. Take everything in proper proportion then your body will get all the micro nutrients it needs.

Micronutrients are vital for  your internal body to function well.

5. Not changing Workout Routine

How many times a week should you exercise, how long should your workouts be? | The Independent

Your goal is to build muscles and you are doing the same 4-5 exercises from last 6 months and that to in the same order then that’s the biggest mistake.

You will have to trick your body by changing the workout routine, Because when you do same exercises for long period of time then your body gets used to the routine.

In that case you have to shuffle the exercises, change its order, you can do it in many different ways replace dumbbells with the barbells shift from machine to free weights. In those ways you can trick your body.

Now keep in mind that you don’t need to trick your body after every other 2 days. You have to first follow proper routine for 2 months or 3 months let your body to get used to it and after that trick it by changing the routine then only your muscles will grow.

so that’s it HAPPY LIFTING….


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